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The Power of Coffee

At this time of year I like to paint a winter subject to send out as a Christmas card. We had snow in Ireland a couple of weeks ago, a fairly rare occurrence in these parts and although it was a bit cold for me to paint outside (unlike many of my painting colleagues!) I walked up the hills behind where I live and took a few photographs. This morning I had everything set up ready to paint, took a deep breath and off I went with my first wash. As often happens, things did not exactly go to plan. I was using a wet cotton wool ball to soften some edges - I'm not sure why as I never use cotton wool to soften edges - and some excess water ran down creating a pretty awful cauliflower/runback. I was ready to rip the paper off the pad but as it was a glued all round pad and I didn't have a knife to start the process, I had a cup of coffee instead. I must say I would heartily recommend a cup of coffee rather than violence towards watercolour paper. When I finished my coffee I was much …

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